Hi 👋,
I'm Candost.

I am an engineering manager, software engineer, and writer.

I used to think that reading will make me smart.

One day, ten pages before finishing a book, I realized that I had read that same book before. At that point, my life changed.

Now, I don't care how many books I read; I take many notes, connect dots, and share what I've found on this blog and my newsletter.

Want the longer story?See my "about" page.

What am I Doing Now?See my "now" page.


Every second week, Mektup arrives as letters in the inboxes of software engineers who want to become leaders in the software industry.

In every issue, I talk about the most underrated and the biggest part of software engineering: the non-technical side.

Latest Issue: #37: Mentoring vs. Coaching vs. Teaching

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Software World Podcast is a series of interviews with industry experts and knowledge sharing episodes. Each episode uncovers a problem and a journey.

Latest Episode: How to Present Solutions as Software Engineers [Software World Ep. #28]

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Want to reach me? Send me a collaboration request on Polywork, send me a tweet on Twitter @candosten, or use contact form.

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