I'm Candost.

I am a software engineering manager and writer.

I used to think reading would help me learn.

One day, ten pages before finishing a book, I realized I had read that book before. At that point, I decided to change a few things.

On this website, you'll find how I evolved, what I learned, and my reflections on the complicated life and world.

A few of my articles are upvoted on HackerNews and generated discussions (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). That doesn't necessarily make any post better or popular, it's only me pointing you to discussions about the articles.

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Latest Issue: #49: How to Write Effectively at Work

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I've been entertaining myself with the idea of microblogging on my blog—like sending tweets, but they are on my blog. Instead of only writing on platforms like Twitter and Mastodon, I share my microblogging on my blog because I don't have any control over those platforms. If they go down, all my words are lost. Additionally, this way will be easier for me to give links to my words.

Want to reach me? Send me a collaboration request on Polyworkor send me a tweet on Twitter @candosten.