What I'm Doing Now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)


We decided to move to Berlin. On July 1st, we'll start living in Berlin. That means I'm looking for an apartment! If you have any 3-rooms apartments you know will be empty starting June or July, let me know!

Things took a turn. I went to Berlin to look for apartments. My one-week journey is extended to two weeks because I got Covid there. It was the worst timing. I spent days laying down and sleeping, trying to recover. Thanks to my friends (with whom I was staying at their apartment), I recovered and didn't have a severe result of the sickness. I still have a little bit of cough but it's okay; I'm tested negative and ready to go back to regular life.

Covid, not working for a week, and being in quarantine resulted in breaking many of my habits. I couldn't record a podcast, not wrote a single thing, and had no exercise.

Now, I'm back on my feet, I'm rethinking many decisions I made because I had time to retrospect (while laying down in the bed).

I realized that I do NOT want to be a content creator. I don't want to identify myself as a content creator. I was partially doing it and was trying to learn how to do it. That's why I'm considering abandoning my podcast. I love podcasting and it just started getting attention. Although it is really fun, I do not want to stick to a schedule because of its stress. I want to produce it whenever I want to.

I still want to have my personal brand. However, it means that some of the things I do will become irregular. I will still keep my newsletter on schedule as I will still keep writing things regularly.

I'm still unsure about all of these but let's see how things evolve.

Writing Daily

Every morning, for a minimum of forty-five minutes, I write. I publish these writings on this blog or in my bi-weekly newsletter.

I partially ditched pen and paper. I still keep them to take notes while I'm reading. However, I'm writing my blog articles and podcast script on Scrintal. I still write my newsletter on reMarkable2.

I transfer all these texts to Obsidian. Obsidian acts like my archive.

I still use pen and paper. My favorite pen is Uni-ball Signo 207 blue, and my favorite notebooks are Moleskine Classic Softcover Black A4 and Leitz Hardcover Pocket Notebook A6.

Leading Software Engineering Teams

Currently, I'm working as an Engineering Manager at Jimdo. My team is focused on providing payment capabilities to the company.

I'm also leading an external mobile team that maintains and improves our mobile apps (Android & iOS) at Jimdo.

On top of that, I'm running Jimdoverse.com, the tech blog of Jimdo.


Due to my lower back pain, I stopped exercising heavily. After going over physical therapy, I started walking almost every day. Walking heals my pain. Also, I'm trying to improve my core strength as suggested by my therapist.


I started the new season of the Software World podcast. The trailer and the first and the second episodes are already out. I'm working on the third episode!


For the last couple of years, I started cross-reading—reading multiple books simultaneously. It takes longer to finish a book, but I don't care how many I read in a year; I care about the value I get from them.

I joined an Engineering Leads book club at work, and we have read Think Again first. Now, we're reading Team Topologies.

Currently, I'm also reading Thanks for The Feedback, Radical Candor, The Wise Man's Fear, and Unbowed.

Family Time

I spend time with my wife, whom I love and who is empathetic, beautiful, intelligent, sensual, and loving—a fantastic human being.

I updated this page on May 15th, 2022.

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