👋 Hey, I'm Candost.

I'm a leader, software engineer, writer, mentor, and podcaster.

I work towards creating great and high-performing systems and teams whose members work in sync, have good communication, share common principles, and are aligned on the same goal.

I blog, host a podcast, send a newsletter, and mentor/coach people to share whatever I learned.

I hike, snowboard, read, collect books, and travel. Once I had a garden and I'm looking forward to having it back soon!

I've worked with a lot of multicultural teams. I help to build high-performing teams, hire the best people suitable for the job. I examine many CVs and hold job interviews, both technical and non-technical.

I believe that teaching is the best way to grow. I helped many people to become better in both engineering and soft skills. I share my experiences and what I learn on this blog, in my newsletter, and on Twitter @candosten.

This is me. 👆

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