Speaking, Writing, and High-Quality Ideas

In a lecture, Patrick Winston said,

“Your success in life will be determined largely by your ability to speak, your ability to write, and the quality of your ideas. In that order.”

I pondered on that sentence for days. The longer I thought about it, the more I recognized Patrick right.

I thought about the leaders I follow, the leaders in the organizations I worked in, and the leaders who lived long before I was born. Many are great speakers but cannot write two paragraphs that connect two thoughts. Some of them are fantastic writers but full of crappy ideas. However, all the highly successful ones dedicated a significant amount of time to improving themselves in these three abilities. They are fantastic thinkers because of their excellent writing skills. They are great at persuading because they can speak well with ideas that are well thought out.

Whoever speaks well will have the advantage of convincing others to follow them.

Whoever writes well will create a margin in their thinking.

Whoever has the best ideas will have a chance to impact the world. However, they won’t be able to move a needle if they cannot write or speak about it.

Think about a leader who speaks well. If they are extraordinary speakers, we might be surprised to see how much they climb up a success ladder. But does it make these people great intellectuals? They often fall suddenly, and the results are usually miserable. If they don’t pursue the writing path, their success collapses because their ideas begin to rot.

Whoever succeeds in these three fronts succeeds in life. Growing in only one is already difficult, yet how can one become the best?

P.S. I leave here Patrick Winston’s lecture. I highly recommend watching.

Atomic Form Last Updated: Mar 19, 2022