Joining SumUp

Back in 2015, I didn't know anything about Jimdo when I moved to Germany. I started hearing it in meetups where Jimdo was a host. Later, I joined Jimdo in July 2016 as an iOS Engineer. For more than six years, I was lucky enough to work with fantastic individuals, and we worked towards creating excellent applications that fulfilled users' needs.

Jimdo was the third company I worked with. I'm so grateful and find myself lucky enough to work with such an amazing community for years on a great mission, which gave me a feeling of belonging. It will always stay in my heart like my first company Monitise (currently Commencis). I'll follow Jimdo's progress as a user from now on.

After 6+ years of journey in Jimdo, I was ready to start another challenge. I started answering recruiters who reached out to me and had a few interviews here and there. Yet, in any company, I couldn't find the energy I was looking for. Later, I saw that SumUp was looking for an Engineering Manager.

And it was the only job I applied for instead of recruiters reaching out to me. And the one I am happy to start my journey today.

Why SumUp?

Several considerations guided me to join this fantastic team.

  1. Mission: Empower small merchants all over the world
    One of my biggest motivations for any job is how it contributes to the world. As I love to help people, SumUp's mission is dear to my heart and very close to the one that kept me in Jimdo for years.
    Small merchants face huge and unseen challenges. Just to give an example, everybody is curious about the challenges of Google, but I've rarely seen anybody's interest in the challenges of Ecosia. Think about tiny shops around the corner. When was the last time did you hear any politicians talking about their challenges? If we have a look at Jimdo-Ifo-Index (yes, Jimdo 😍), we can see the real situation of small businesses.
  2. Compensation
    Let's address the elephant in the room. If there is no compensation increase and my current role is not detrimental to me (which it wasn't), why would I change my company? I'm not going to disclose the details for now, but my compensation is at a level that makes me feel valued.
  3. Culture
    The culture defines a company's success. When nobody cares about it, it easily becomes chaos. During my interviews (and after interviews), I repeatedly saw and experienced cultural norms. It's still difficult to judge any organizational culture before experiencing inside, yet, so far, it was the one I wanted to be in.
  4. Team
    As I currently work as an Engineering Manager, I looked at the team and met with members—my direct reports, manager, and peers—as much as I could. They look and sound like fantastic and smart people who will elevate me. From another perspective, it's a team that I can contribute to and help people to do whatever they are doing the best.
  5. Values
    In many interviews, I've never seen a company that integrated its values into its hiring process as much as SumUp did. The values are public, and the hiring process—and everything they do—is tied to their values.
  6. Economic Situation
    As the recession is coming in Germany, the economic situation of a company was one of the major factors I considered. SumUp raised $624m with an $8.5b evaluation in June. On top, SumUp has a founder mentality, so they don't spend money recklessly.

Having said all this, we often have a bias toward not seeing the challenges and problems of an organization from the outside. Interviews are often not well-designed to showcase these problems to candidates. Each organization has its own difficulties and set of problems. While joining any organization, it's crucial to analyze and discover what they are and decide if the issues are the ones you want to work on.

Even good organizations often unintentionally hide the problems because sometimes they can't talk about them (business-sensitive) or want to convince the candidate to join the team.

SumUp didn't hide the challenges they have in the teams and has never been on a secret side of things. So, when I decided to join, I chose the problems I wanted to—and could—solve.

I had multiple offers, but SumUp was fast during interviews, addressed my concerns, took the time to talk to me each time I had questions, and explained their challenges. Considering everything together, I decided to join SumUp.

Today (01/11/2022) is my first day at SumUp. I'm excited to join this fantastic team. I hope to share more of my learnings and of what I'm working on with all of you later on.

Work Life Last Updated: Nov 1, 2022