Faucets and Bad Ideas

I was reading Julian's latest monthly newsletter issue—one of the few newsletters I follow. There, Julian talks about doing things consistently to become great at them by sharing what Ed Sheeran and Neil Gaiman do.

Ed Sheeran uses the pipe with one faucet analogy. If you're using the pipe for the first time, the first water that comes out is always dirty. You have to push out all the dirt to reach clean water. Even between clean water, you might see some dirt from time to time. It doesn't matter; you have to keep pushing it. How long the dirty water will keep coming depends on your proficiency. But eventually, you'll reach clean water.

That reminded me of what Adam Grant says in The Knowledge Project podcast's 22nd episode,

"You have to tolerate a lot of dead ends and false starts in order to have a shot at doing something truly worthwhile."
Microblogging Last Updated: Jan 2, 2023