SWC #10: Building Healthy On-call Culture

Being in the on-call rotation requires a different set of skills. Some people think that they build resilient systems so that they don't need on-call. The purpose of on-call is not to blame someone but to find the root cause.

This week, we talked about building healthy on-call culture and how engineers should approach on-call. My guest was Serhat Can. Serhat is a Tech Evangelist at Atlassian, AWS Community Hero, and Global Core Organizer of devopsdays.

We talked about

  • Which engineers should be on-call?
  • What are the must-have things in on-call?
  • How DevOps changed on-call?
  • How does the healthy on-call culture look like?
  • What is a post-mortem, and how to write it?

and many more!

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