Privacy Policy

I use Plausible Analytics, which is a privacy-focused GDPR-compliant analytics tool. Plausible helps me see which pages my guests visit, and there is no tracking or selling your data for advertisements. I cannot identify you in any way. If you want to know what data I see, here is the public version of my blog's analytics. It's exactly the same thing that I access on analytics.

I use Ghost for emails. I don't track who opened the emails and who clicked on which link (I deactivated that setting). I only track which sources and posts drive the people to become a member. And when you give feedback on the email by clicking the "More like this" and "Less like this" buttons, Ghost tells me who gave that feedback. That's all. There is no data collected besides that, no precise location, no IP, and no personal data. I value the interaction when people add a comment or respond to an email I sent instead of how many people clicked a link.

When you're subscribing to a newsletter, you agree that I keep your data (such as email). You can check Ghost's Privacy Policy and data processing here. If any time, you want your data to be deleted from Ghost, you can contact them (and me) with the methods they indicate in their Privacy Policy.

I use Anchor for podcast distribution. Anchor collects how many times an episode is downloaded and from which territory the download request is coming. I also cannot personalize anyone by using the data collected by Anchor. Learn more about Anchor's Privacy Policy here.