Engineering Career Path with Tobias Bales [Software World Ep. #9]

Do you know how to advance in your software engineering career? Have you ever thought of being a manager or team lead after spending some time in engineering? Most of the time, people believe that it's a one-way road. This week, we talked about career changes in software engineering. My guest was Tobias Bales. He is a Software Engineer at Jimdo. He worked as an Engineering Manager for two years and decided to go back to engineering.

We talked about

  • How should the career of an engineer look like?
  • Does the road always go to management? What are the other options?
  • What is the real difference between an engineer and an engineering manager?
  • How to convince the company to go back to engineering?
  • How different engineering and management are?

and many more!

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Podcast Last Updated: Jan 15, 2022