Startup Marketing with Peri [Software World Ep. #5]

This week my guest was Peri. Peri is the President of Sipsetter Co. She has an extensive background in marketing. After graduating from Duke University and getting an MBA from Harvard Business School, she was the consultant and the director of marketing, strategy, and communications in different companies (including McKinsey, Pozitron/Monitise, CoffeeTable). We talked about startup marketing challenges. We focused on how startups should approach marketing and how they can overcome obstacles like user segmentation, user growth.

We talked about

  • How do startups grow with help from marketing?
  • How to choose the right marketing strategy?
  • How to approach stagnating user growth?
  • Marketing strategies for going from local to global.
  • How can engineers and marketers work together?

and many more!

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Podcast Last Updated: Jan 15, 2022