Microblogging 2022-12


It's that time of the year in Germany when explosives are everywhere, and I don't even want to leave my apartment.
Out of nowhere, you suddenly hear a BAM; someone fired a firework.
Fireworks are fun, but not when they go on and on for 36 hours. 😞
All dogs are scared, I am scared, birds and other animals are scared and harmed. I still don't know why anyone wants to spend millions of euros every year on this terror.


Germans have a saying, "Zwischen den Jahren" to call out the time between Christmas and New Year's Eve.
They refer to mostly doing nothing, just empty time between two years. Many of the stores are also closed these days, and I just love that spirit: taking a break from everything. 
I think I will also apply this mindset next year (maybe not at Christmas time, but a birthday might be an option).


For the last few months, I've been less active on Twitter and reduced my following.
 These days, I'm thinking of really closing it down. I can't see any benefits besides people finding my words quickly.
 Mastodon might be a platform to go to, but I'm also not sure about its benefits compared to Twitter.


One of the best things about a new year is seeing all the book recommendations from people. 
Many folks share what they have read in the last year and how they liked it. The only thing left for me is to add them to my to-read list. 😇


We aim to find the most pragmatic idea but sometimes don’t know how to convince others and get buy-in. Because we rarely focus on improving how we write our thoughts.
 Although this video is aimed at academic writing, there are fantastic insights that anyone can benefit from.
 We can apply these tips when we write Slack messages, Google Docs, PRDs, RFCs, Pull Request reviews, and presentations.


I just updated my Now Page. I like the “Now Page” approach. Many websites have "About" and "Contact" pages, but as I have a personal website, you can learn more about me and what I'm focused on these days.


These days, I've been thinking about digital obesity: not knowing what information we consume or consume without thinking about it or being skeptical. 
We're poured with tons of information. Most of the stuff we hear/watch/read sounds interesting but doesn't have any value in our lives at all. We consume them but we never increase our wisdom.


I recently deleted my Medium account and cross-posts on Dev.to and Hashnode. I had 1400+ followers on Medium and had articles read by hundreds of thousands of people (which was a big surprise). Yet, all my writings from now on will be only on my blog, nowhere else.


I have had an account on Mastodon for a while but didn't mention it here. But here we go. You know where to find me. (Not because one guy messed up this place, but getting my online social place in order) @candost@toot.community
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