#18: What did you learn during the last month?

Hey friend,

Happy Tuesday!

I sent the first Mektup on Jan 28, 2021. In ten months, Mektup changed and became what it is today: letters to share my learnings and experiences about software engineering leadership. When I send a letter, it's important that I also get a letter back. Therefore, thanks for all your previous replies to my letters and the meaningful conversations we had.

This week, I want to twist the Mektup and hear more from you. I would like you to take a maximum of 5 minutes and answer one simple question:

What did you learn during the last month?

Think like you're writing an informal letter to your friend and send an email to newsletter[at]candostdagdeviren[dot]com

All emails arrive in my primary inbox, and I return each of them.

Thank you for your response!

Newsletter Last Updated: Jan 15, 2022
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