1 Idea 9 Questions: Timely Estimations are Underrated

From time to time, I question my ideas before writing a blog post to clarify my thoughts and write a more precise blog post. I took the idea from Luca Rossi and expanded a little bit. I want to use these questions more and more before I start writing a new post. I also put a time limit of thirty minutes to answer these questions to challenge my idea.

This new blog post format is my commitment to share these questions and give my idea in a distilled and raw form to anyone interested. If you want to read the outcome of this thought, check out the blog post here.

1. What is the idea?
I think timely estimations are underrated and we should use it more.

2. What Am I Really Trying To Say?
While everything in the company is based on time (such as financial, marketing, customer support, etc.), engineering has to estimate things with time. It's a skill, and it can be improved.

3. Who is my audience?
Software Engineers

4. Why should people care? (what's the benefit)
They use different types of estimations, and I see that the team cannot align both with management and within themselves about the deadlines most of the time.

5. What is the most important point?
Giving time-estimation is a skill everyone can improve; yet, it's overlooked most of the time.

6. Why is that the most important point? (what can you achieve with it)
Because people try to avoid committing to a deadline to prevent stress in their life. Understandable but not applicable. Change the blame culture and apply time-based estimations.

7. What is the easiest way to understand the most important point?
Think about the last 2-3 projects without a deadline you worked on. What kind of problems did you have? Did you have alignment problems with stakeholders? Did you have discussions around what does three-story point means?

8. How do I want the reader to feel?
I want them to feel defensive but yet convinced inside.

9. What should the reader do next?
Try time-based estimations on the side alone, not with the team. Use story points but on the side, try giving yourself time-based estimations and stick to it.

I use these questions and answers to write a blog post. These answers above formed the post called "Timely Estimations are Underrated".

Atomic Form

Jun 13, 2021
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